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David Cline: Music

Small Town Street Dance

Let's Go Dancin'

If You've Got the Money

(the Lone Star Honky Tonkin' Boogie Woogie) Two Step of Texas

Border To Border, Coast To Coast

Border To Border , Coast To Coast

I'm A Happy Man

Cryin' Shame

Havin' A Blast ( Gettin' Over The Past )

You Just Don't Ever Know

Small Town Street Dance

Forever More

Let's Go Dancin'

Daddy,They're Playing Song About You

That's Our Dawg

Heart And Soul


Hello Walls

I Don't Hurt Anymore

Without You

It'll Never Be The Same

My Bride

That Women Is My Wife

Another Precious Year

Heart & Soul

Snap Your Fingers

Unforgettable Angel Of Gold

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