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David Cline: Music

Brand New Friends

(David Cline)
“ Brand New Friends “
David Cline copyright March 2005 “ D “ ( 3:37 )

Verse # 1
I went to play Texas Hold’em with so called friends
They ought to be ashamed of the way they took me in
They took all my money and it did’nt take’em long
They thought it was funny so I’m gonna go back home

Verse # 2

I wanna learn the game , so I ain’t gonna give up yet
I found it on line , and I can’t wait to make a bet
I’m sure glad it’s free , cause I don’t have a dime
I’m broke , because of those so called friends of mine


So I found brand new friends, with the click of a mouse
We can play twenty four seven right here in my house
Friends like Lucky Liz , Diamond Deb , Oh yeah deal me in
I just can’t wait , to play with my brand new friends


Verse # 3
Seems like nothing gets done when I get home
Cause I’ve been known to play all night long
My wife said , it’s a waste of time , even when I win
I think she’s jealous , of my , brand new friends

I play with Double Duce Dolly , honey there’s no doudt
But listen to me sugar , there’s nothing to worry about

Yeah, I found brand new friends with a click of a mouse
We can play twenty four seven right here in my house
And there’s millions of dollars that anybody can win
I don’t loose a dime with my brand new friends

Just wait till I see those guys that took me in
I’m gonna tell’em I found , some brand new friends